Please note: This page is under construction. The following materials have been cut and pasted from a library web page posted some time in 2009 and therefore may not reflect subsequent changes by the Board of Trustees. Patrons with any questions are requested to contact the Board for clarification.

Services, Policies and Materials Offered at Proctor Free Library

 Inter-library loan (borrowing materials from other libraries)

  • Community Meeting Room (Contact the library for availability)
  • Computers for public access to the internet and e-mail
  • Access to the Vermont Online Library, http://www.vtonlinelib.org . Pick up address and password at the Library)
  • Use of photocopy machine (10 cents a copy)
  • Use of fax machine ($1 per fax and 25 cents per page after page 1)
  • Video and audio tapes
  • Large print books for the visually impaired
  • Many new titles



 Library cards are free to residents of Proctor. Nonresidents will be charged a fee of $12.00 per year per card.

Books, audio tapes and magazines may be on loan for a period of two weeks. Videos may be on loan for five nights. All materials may be renewed unless they are on reserve for another patron.


  * It is the Library’s policy that the responsibility for a child’s reading selection and

 borrowing lies solely with their parent(s) or guardian(s). Children are encouraged

 to browse and to choose books that meet their needs, interests, and abilities.

 * Parent(s) or guardian(s) are responsible to see that all materials

 are returned promptly.

 * The Library Staff is not responsible for enforcing the restrictions a parent deems

 appropriate in terms of materials their child may access either in book or Internet


 * Students need to abide by their parent(s) or guardian(s) rules pertaining to leaving

 the library. The Staff does not have the authority to give a child permission to

 leave the library and return.

 * Parent(s) or guardian(s) are responsible for the supervision of their children.

 Young children may not be left unattended in the Children’s Room and must be

 adequately attended at all times.

 * The Library assumes no responsibility for children of any age left unattended.

 Further, parents or legal guardians assume all liability for damage done by their

 child to the library. This included damage to computers,furnishings,materials, and

 to the facility. In the event that a child is left at the Library past our regular

 closing time and staff is unable to contact a parent or guardian, our policy is

 to call the Rutland County Sheriffs Department and leave the child in their care.

 * School age children may use the library unattended provided that

 they adhere to the Library’s policies.

 * During their visit, children are to remain inside the library.

 We do not have the facilities for outdoor recreation.

 * Children are to be productively engaged;reading, computing

 playing board games, homework, quiet group activities.

 * The Library does not monitor or censor the information your

 child can access through the Internet. It is the responsibility

 of the parent or guardian to ensure that their child uses the

 Internet in an appropriate and safe manner. Parents and/or

 guardians are encouraged to be present and supervise their

 child’s Internet use at the Library. Any restriction of a child’s

 access to the Internet is the responsibility of the child’s


 ADOPTED: JULY 21.2008



 * Please sign in and sign out at the circulation desk

to use the computer.

* The computer may be used for a one-half hour period.

( Computer use may continue if no one else is waiting.)

* We recognize that the Library, as a public facility, receives

visitors of all ages and sensibilities, and we expect our patrons

to be sensitive to the rights of others. The viewing of material

or text that is inappropriate in a public forum is prohibited.

* The violation of any federal, state, or local law governing

information access, including but not limited to the copyright law,

is prohibited.

* The Library does not monitor or censor information your child may

access through the Internet.It is the right and responsibility of

parents to guide their children’s use of all library resources,

including the Internet. The Library is not in a position to enforce

parental restrictions and does not assume any responsibility for

the supervision of children who are minors.

* Software of any kind may not be installed on library computers.

* No downloading, removing, altering, or damaging of the

computer configuration.

* The Library staff is able to provide limited computer assistance.

* If you are unable to follow these guidelines, do not ask to use

our computers.

Disregard for these guidelines may result in the

Loss of Your Library Privileges.




Questions regarding policy(s) should be directed to Trustee President Jean Lertola.


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